Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Radford Semele (orchids & barbecues)

Well by the end of the weekend we certainly saw a change back to warmer weather across most of the country and definitely here in Warwickshire.  On Saturday we cycled into Leamington with Buddy to have a picnic in the park.  We had a look round some plant stalls that had been set up for the day and noticed that only a few people had risked wearing short sleeved shirts.

Plant stalls by the bandstand in Leamington

When we got to the park it was packed with people determined to have picnics whatever the weather, again, most people had coats on.

Another grey day in Leamington

When we got home the sun started coming out and a farmer was cutting the field opposite for silage.  Once he moved onto the next field a female roe deer appeared and was running around in a most distressed way.  It soon became obvious that one of her young had been caught by the grass cutter.  Crows, buzzards and herring gulls were all having a go – the crows spending more time scaring off the other birds and the deer chasing the crows.

Poor roe deer can’t understand what happened to her fawn

She stayed in the field until it was almost dark, chasing other animals as they appeared including one very large fox.

Sunday started warm and remained hot and sunny all day.  We picked up some shopping and then paid a visit back to Stockton Cutting as Karen hadn’t seen the Small Blues that I found a couple of weeks ago.  She was fortunate and managed to find a male with its wings outstretched.

Male Small Blue
The wild flower meadow next to the cutting is starting to get summery.

Buttercups and forget-me-nots in the meadow.

The cutting is also turning summery

We found some Greater Butterfly orchids and Common Spotted orchids.

Greater Butterfly orchid

Common Spotted orchid

In the evening we had a barbecue and Craig and Sarah turned up in their boat and moored next to us.  We had last seen them at Bascote locks just after Sarah had had her second child a few weeks ago.  They will be staying here for a couple of weeks as they are keen on this spot too.

Monday was another hot day so I had the barbecue going again for when Karen came home from work.  During the day I noticed that some of the Orange Tip butterfly eggs by the boat had started hatching.

Young Orange Tip butterly caterpillar

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