Monday, 23 May 2016

Radford Semele (dressing up)

Here’s a few pictures and words about our weekend.  

When Karen came home from work on Friday evening all three of us went for a walk.  The sun was out so there were a few butterflies around including this pair of Orange Tips.

There were actually two males (with the orange tipped wings) trying to mate with the female but we couldn’t get a successful shot of all three together. 

Buddy still shows off the Labrador in him by retrieving sticks whenever he can

He always seems to prefer the larger sticks but doesn’t quite understand that it would be much easier to carry them if he found the centre of gravity.  We have to be a bit careful on the towpath as he could easily cause a passing cyclist to swerve into the water.  We also have to make sure he doesn’t take any walkers’ legs off.

On Saturday morning we went to investigate a community farm which runs along the canal opposite where we are moored.  Ally, who is moored next to us, works full time on the farm.  She has a permanent mooring in Warwick but every so often cruises up and down and lives on this section of the canal for a few weeks to get a change of scenery.  Most of the workers are only there half a day a week and in return for their time they receive a share of their produce.

In the afternoon we went on a bike ride – Karen’s first on her new bike that I picked up this week.  Her new bike replaces the one we lost in the River Avon.  Buddy really enjoys it when we are on the bikes as he can run really fast and not get called back to us.

At one point he disappeared up a bank and the next thing we saw was a rabbit careering down it hotly pursued by Buddy.  At the bottom the rabbit went straight through a fence but Buddy had to stop short as the fence was designed to keep livestock in and the look on his face was pure surprise.

In the evening we got dressed up and walked to the Stag at Offchurch for a meal.  Near the village we had to walk across a field which gives a good view of the village.

I wonder why the path wasn’t worn in a straight line.

It was raining so we had all our wet weather gear on and must have looked a sight taking it all off when we got into the pub.

It feels really strange wearing a smart shirt

Someone had spent a lot of time researching the history of the village and getting her records published in a book.

We have been moored in this spot for over a week now so will need to move on soon.  I can’t decide whether to carry on through Leamington and Warwick to continue investigating Warwickshire or to turn round and head back towards Northamptonshire.

Our mooring for the last week.  Ally lives in the third boat down.

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