Friday, 29 April 2016

Tomlow (Chalkhill Blue II on her way)

As Karen was working from home (WFB) on Friday it meant the car was free so I took a trip to Aintree where the shell of our new boat is underway.  The base plate went down last week and they have now welded on the sides up to the gunwales:

Looking from the front of Chalkhill Blue II

On the way to the boatyard I went through an area of Liverpool called Fazackerley.  I knew the word but not that it was a place.  I have heard Liverpudlians use it in place of 'exactly' as in 'fazackerley my friend' for example.  Now at least I know where the expression comes from.

Back to our new boat - this is the stern. 

The stern

The brass tube on the pointy bit is where the propeller shaft will go.  The silver oval thing is one of the sacrificial anodes which are made of highly active metals that are used to prevent the hull from corroding.  The engine will sit inside the triangular bit once mounting plates have been welded in.  On the two long sides of the triangle, skin tanks have been welded on.  The skin tanks are used to cool the engine as they expose a large surface area of coolant to the canal water.

There were twelve boats in various stages of build in the workshops - no wonder there are so many boats on the system nowadays!

Mainly for our records here are a few more shots of the boat. 

Looking inside from the front

Not our base plate but one that is three builds behind us
One side being prepared prior to being welded to the base plate
Stainless steel water tank.  Sacrificial anodes can be seen on the bows of the two near completed shells
The inside (The owner of the shell next to us is taking pictures too)
Right hand (starboard) side

Left hand (port) side
The front (bows)

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