Thursday, 28 April 2016

Tomlow (all weather boating)

On Monday I had found what looks like a decent butterfly site along a disused railway embankment at Stockton.  I was determined to find Grizzled Skippers, Dingy Skippers and Green Hairstreaks there – three butterflies I haven’t seen for a few years.

Since Tuesday the days have practically all been the same weatherwise.  Frosty start: so frosty that Karen has had to scrape the ice off the car windows before driving to work.  Then by about 8 o’clock, when Buddy gets his pre-breakfast run, the sun is fully out and there is hardly a cloud in the sky.  I have even sat outside to eat lunch this week with Buddy doing a bit of sunbathing.

Buddy without a care in the world whilst I eat lunch

Nice sunny mornings this week - hardly the foretaste of the afternoon weather

There is still a chill wind so we leave it until about 11 until venturing to the site at Stockton, either on bike or on foot.  I’ve been lucky and not had a puncture for a few days now.  Unfortunately I have not yet found the butterflies I am looking for; it has just been a little too chilly.  I have seen a few Brimstones and Orange Tips but they seem a bit hardier and have been on the wing a while now. 

During the afternoon the skies have darkened and we have either had heavy rain, sleet, hail or even snow.  This was walking to meet Karen when she got home from work on Tuesday.

Snow beginning to settle as we meet Karen from work

On Wednesday evening we walked a mile or so down the towpath to meet Karen at the Boat Inn which has reopened after yet another change of hands.  We believe this is the only time it has been open over the several times we have cruised past it over the years.  Mind you, not sure about their attention to detail:

Probably says it all really

Anyway, Friday will be different.  Karen will be working from the boat and I will drive up to Liverpool as the boatbuilders have started on the shell for our new boat and I want to see progress and get some pictures.

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