Thursday, 10 March 2016

Polesworth (ready to move on)

It seemed to rain all night on Tuesday and it didn’t stop all day on Wednesday.  I’ve probably said it before but there is something comforting about lying in bed at night listening to the rain on the roof.  Buddy and I got soaked several times when out walking but spent most of the day on the boat.  The rain stopped on Wednesday evening but when we went out first thing on Thursday the river was really swollen.

The River Anker earlier this week and also on Thursday morning

I had planned on walking round the local nature reserve as there are many open fields for dogs to let off steam.  I soon changed that plan as the entrance was cut off.

Plan A thwarted
Plan B was to go for a bike ride instead so I cycled the six miles along the towpath back to Fazeley and Buddy ran it.  I was searching for a milestone I had missed (1/26) and strangely enough found it exactly one mile before Fazeley (or 26 from Coventry looking at it the other way).

Buddy ran all the way back and was quite exhausted even though he had a few sprints into the woods to chase squirrels.

John on Mr Blue Sky is still behind us and behind him is a pleasant couple on Cousin Jack that we have moored with in Stratford, Middlewich and on the Peak Forest canal. We don’t know the couple on the boat at the far end (Lion) but we have seen them around and are on waving terms.

Us and our neighbours on the visitor moorings
An early rise tomorrow as I’m dropping Karen at work and then driving down to Fleet to help my son Jake move into his new flat.  We have been at Polesworth for a week now and are looking forward to getting a couple of cruises in over the weekend.

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