Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Huddlesford (short cruise for me and Buddy)

I printed out this map to help us decide where we will live on the boat whilst Karen has a contract in Warwick.  The red circles are the number of miles from her office; the yellow canals are ones we have been on previously; the blue are new to us.  As you can see there are many places we can go even within a 10 mile radius.

We are currently moored where the blue star is at the top left.  We plan on moving down south east over the next few weeks to Braunston (blue arrow).  After that we will head west through Warwick and Leamington and then down to Stratford.  The Stratford upon Avon canal is one of our favourites and we know of many places where we can moor for a week a two and have the car within easy access.  Ideally we will be looking for villages that have bus transport to Warwick.

Buddy and I pottered around during the morning as it was pouring with rain but we went for a walk after lunch as the sun came out and it was even quite warm.  When we got back we moved the boat a couple of hundred yards nearer to where Karen parks the car.  The towpath has got really muddy over the last few days so it will make her morning and evening walks easier.

We are now moored amongst a line of boats for company.

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