Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Clifton upon Dunsmore (1,500 miles since we moved aboard)

On Saturday morning we took a short cruise to Clifton upon Dunsmore where we will probably stay for a week.  My little brother, Richard, and his family may be coming to stay next weekend and as there are locks about ½ mile further on at Hillmorton and it’s a nice stretch of canal to walk south to Braunston it's ideal for visitors.

We moored by Clifton Double Bridge as there was a good layby for Karen to park the car when going to work during the week.  Opposite us there is a new pipeline being installed but I couldn’t see what it was due to be carrying.

When walking back to Newbold to get the car, the camera fell out of Karen’s pocket and into the canal.  Try as we might we couldn’t retrieve it.  We could only assume it had very little metal in it as our trusty magnet didn’t find it either.  Anyway, that’s the reason there is only one picture on this short blog entry.

With storm Katie due over the rest of the weekend there wasn’t much boat traffic and we spent most of the time catching up with our bridge lessons and walking.  On Monday we went to buy a new camera and get some summer plants for the boat.  After the winds had died down and the clouds cleared, the late afternoon turned out to be glorious.  We took advantage of the weather and potted up some of our pots.   It felt good to have lighter evenings too – nice enough to sit outside.

When entering up our boat log I saw we have now travelled over 1,500 miles since we moved on board at the end of 2014.  Now Karen is back at work the distances travelled are greatly reducing but this gives us more chance to visit the areas we travel through.

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