Thursday, 24 March 2016

Brinklow (just walking)

It was another murky day on Wednesday so Buddy and I spent most of the day walking on part of the Coventry Way.  The Coventry Way is a 40 mile footpath ring around Coventry, an idea that many towns and cities have adopted over the last 20 years or so.

Not many pictures were taken as it was so grey and they all ended up looking the same but as we set off we passed this scene.

This is the type of boat that is used when canals are being cleared of rubbish.  Such a sorry sight as all the effort to remove the items could be avoided in the first place, let alone thinking about cost of it all.

I was really taken with this twee footbridge across Smite Brook.  It is known as Pedlar’s Bridge and was originally medieval and part of the packhorse route from the village of Upper Smite to Brinklow.  Upper Smite is the deserted medieval village we walked past on Monday.

In the evening we wandered into Brinklow to meet Karen on her way home from work and to try out a new country pub.  It was a strange place as it was packed with diners and no real bar area to sit and drink.  On the way we walked along this old green lane - it is part of the route from Upper Smite to Brinklow that we walked earlier in the day.

Karen has been back at work for four weeks now and we are looking forward to a relaxing break over the next few days.  We will probably take in a cruise or two depending upon the weather as strong winds are forecast.

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