Monday, 29 February 2016

Huddlesford (getting ready for the change)

Our views from our front and back doors for the next week

Well, that was the final weekend before Karen starts her contract.

On Saturday morning Judith & Nigel left us to travel up to Yorkshire and we set off to Wendover so Karen could pick up some work clothes that she had been storing at her mum’s house.  It was really good to see Ann and not just because she cooked us a roast lunch!  It was a brilliant move having a roast on a Saturday as it felt like a Sunday all day and so we got an extra day in the weekend!  

We listened to the Scotland game in the car on the way back and then popped into the Plough at Huddlesford where we are currently moored.  We did make sure we got back to the boat in time for the start of the England game though.

On Sunday Karen went shopping for more work clothes while Buddy and I sussed out where we could moor next.  As we will need water by next weekend we reckon we should move to Fazeley junction as that is where the next water point is and it’s only about six miles away.  There looked to be some good spots to moor and within easy walking distance of places Karen can leave the car.  Once we are south and east of Birmingham we should be able to find places to moor where Karen can get a bus to work which will be better.

It was such a lovely Spring like day that we were able to have the side hatches open all afternoon  for the first time this year.

We went for a walk in the late afternoon and Buddy found a playmate that gave him a good run for his money.

It's certainly going to be strange getting into a new routine this week but it'll be fun.

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