Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Bramble Cutting (and a bit of socialising)

After going for a long walk in the morning we spent most of Tuesday relaxing on the boat doing chores, reading and log cutting etc.  Martin on fuel boat Halsall came through on the northern end of his round that takes him two weeks so we took on diesel, topped up with a few bags of coal and had a pump out.  Good to see diesel down at just over 60 p a litre.

My log arranging skills leave a bit to be desired according to Karen.

We love this spot as it is so quiet being 1 ½ miles from the nearest road.  There is also the added bonus of a few mooring rings which is strange in such a rural spot.

We walked into Middlewich in the evening to meet up with Dave and Barbara at the Big Lock pub.  A lot of the route we took runs alongside the River Dane.  At one point a large tree had come down across the river causing a dam.  It was sad to see so much litter, including three gas bottles and three tyres caught up in the branches.

During our morning walk we collected litter on the tow path.  Even in such a rural location there was plenty of litter.  Amongst the usual cans and plastic bottles were a back pack, a laptop case, a tube of silicone and a length of hosepipe.  Some of these items must have been left by boaters which is not helpful to the general public's view of the general boating community.

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