Monday, 17 August 2015

Royal Leamington Spa (Buddy wanted two dinners)

We got on the move again on Saturday morning.  As we went through Warwick we had a couple of locks to go down by the Cape of Good Hope pub.  A boat saw us coming and waited for us to lock down with them.  They were also liveaboards and seemed to be as mad as us so we had a good chat and laughs as we locked down together.

This is the entrance to the Saltisford arm that we investigated on Friday.

Approaching Leamington we went over the River Avon which is not navigable this far up.

Even though the canal runs right through Leamington, it is hidden from the townsfolk and visitors.  It runs just south of the railway line and parallel to it in a cutting for a couple of miles. 

We moored up for a while and had a wander around the town which of course is famous for its baths.  It also has plenty of green spaces making it feel open.

In the evening we fancied cruising again so spent a couple of hours getting back out into the country.  We passed a boat called Purple Emperor which is the name of one of my favourite butterflies – unfortunately we didn’t see any this year.

We moored in Radford Semele to the east of Leamington.  Poor Buddy had forgotten he had been fed and had already settled down for the night before we set off for our late cruise.  After mooring up we came indoors and he stood for ages by his food bowl expecting to be fed.


We didn’t move on Sunday and just went for a long walk.  At one point we found a swing wide enough for both of us but couldn’t get a picture for obvious reasons.  It was difficult to get any in focus but the best is at the top of this blog entry.  On the walk we managed to pick enough blackberries for Karen to make a blackberry crumble.

As if by magic we got a fruit cake and blackberry crumble!

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