Saturday, 23 May 2015

It really is a small world near Middlewich

We had seen a recycling centre in Middlewich so I cycled in with all our recycling and Buddy ran behind me.  He loves it when we cycle as he gets a really good run.  This was Buddy’s first trip to a proper recycling centre.

I caught this swan pecking algae from under our waterline.  Some mornings, when there are a number of swans or ducks, the noise of their bills on steel can be quite loud inside the boat

During the morning I was really surprised to get an email from the Lion Salt works.  If you have read the blog entries for earlier this week you would know that we were disappointed that the Lion Salt works museum wasn’t open when we went to visit.  Their email said that the opening date will be announced  on 29 May.  They also made comments about us on their page: ButterflyGardenatLionSaltWorks

In several places along this stretch of canal we have seen old rail tracks jutting over the edge.  The ones shown here have been restored but for some reason painted white.  They were sited near clay pits during canal construction and the clay was loaded into trucks and tipped into the canal by using the upturned tracks.  The clay was puddled into the bottoms and sides of the canal bed and forms the lining of most canals in this country.

We went for a walk around the local fields in the afternoon and Buddy seemed to really like the long grass as he kept rushing round in circles.  We don’t think we have ever seen him run anti-clockwise but will look out for it from now on.  When he runs with his sticks we have to keep out of his way to prevent our legs getting bashed.

There seemed to be a constant stream of boats cruising past today as people take advantage of the bank holiday or half term.  We will miss the heavy traffic on the canal as we are going home for a few days on Sunday.  This is us moored in our little bit of Cheshire countryside...

...and here is our view from the dining room.

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