Saturday, 28 February 2015

It must be spring – hawthorn leaves are out

A week ago we went through Gosty Hill tunnel which was the tunnel whose headroom got lower and lower and we had to remove our chimney and bikes.  I was reading about it on the web and came across this picture of a ventilation shaft for the tunnel.  Seems rather strange that a house was built so the shaft sits in its front garden.

We left our ‘private’ wharf at seven on Friday morning as we wanted to get to Solihull so Karen could catch a train to see Catherine in Nottingham for the afternoon.  It was frosty and the skies were completely clear.

Our route took us all the way through Solihull which does appear to be one of the better suburbs of Birmingham.   

Saying that, we were still disappointed that we had to remove rubbish from the propeller several times.  Once there was a bandage wrapped round it – I can only wonder where that had been before and whether it was used or not!

Our stopping point was between Solihull and, the delightfully named, Catherine-de-Barnes and we could finally see open countryside.

Buddy and I walked Karen to the station which was about two miles away.  We came back and did odd jobs and some log cutting.  Buddy and I went for a longer walk in the afternoon and he went mad as this was the first field he had seen for ten days.  He just ran round in large circles even though there were no dogs to play with.


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