Saturday, 14 February 2015

Getting closer to Wolverhampton

We cut some logs first thing on Friday and then set off for Penkridge.  Apparently it has quite a good market on Saturdays so we will visit that as well as get our weekly paper.  It will be interesting to see what a good market is.  It was grey and drizzly when we set off and quite windy.  Karen spotted these crocuses on the tow path.  They are our first of the year but suspect many people have them in their gardens already, especially down South.

We went through Park Gate lock with a bear gaurding the entrance.

Karen took this picture in the lock.  When I asked her why she took it as it makes me look silly, she said that's probably why.

For a while we ran parallel with the M6 at the point where the long standing and long in length roadworks are.

Then under the M6.

The next lock was Longford lock.

Karen, with a keen eye for lock furniture, noticed the balance beams on this canal have iron rails running round the arms. Also that the lock edges often have iron edges.

And then we hit Penkridge.  We went through Penkridge lock and moored in the middle of town.  You can see the iron edging running most of the length on the right hand side of this lock.  We assume these were placed here to stop the ropes wearing away the soft sandstone of the lock walls.

The heavy rain kept off until we got inside for lunch.  We reckon we are now about five days cruising from the centre of Birmingham – 26 miles and 36 locks.  Since moving on board 102 days ago we have covered 270 miles and Karen has operated nearly all of the 155 locks we have negotiated.

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