Friday, 16 January 2015

A couple of questions for you

Still stuck on Thursday as too windy and rivers in flood so caught up on reading in the morning and went for a walk after lunch.  Started out down the tow path – Karen liked my colour co-ordination.  Karen's sister, Heather, has four boys (including Keith, her husband).  She insists they tuck their jeans in their socks as socks are easier to wash than jeans.  It's actually quite sensible when living on a boat so we do it all the time even if it does look silly.

The red lights were still lit for the rivers Soar and Trent.

Our walk took us through some open countryside.

At one point I slipped off a little bridge and got both feet soaking wet.  It didn’t help with the fact that it was very cold and windy.  The wind had freshky felled a tree across a stile.

We walked along the river Derwent for a while and that was flowing strongly as well.

Buddy walks across any sort of bridge now – quite the opposite to how he was when we first got him.

The sheep on one farm we walked across seemed particularly woolly.

There are some lovely old barns around Shardlow but we have no idea what the scalloped shaped wall thing is on the left.  Do you know?

The other thing about Shardlow is the number of buildings with semicircular windows.  We have asked around but no one seems to know their purpose.  Do you have any ideas? 

This is where we are moored until conditions improve so at least we are in civilisation. 

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  1. A good point about lintels, Steve.

    Steve's Grandad.