Saturday, 13 December 2014

Baked potatoes and squirrel

It was another windy night on Thursday; so much so that Karen was worried about the plants on the roof so we moved a couple of pots down onto the deck before we went to bed.  It was still by the time we woke up on Friday morning and Buddy and I went up to see the fuel boat taking on diesel and coal.

As it wasn’t windy, just grey, we set off back down the Ashby.  We haven’t seen any kingfishers on this canal which is really strange because we normally see at least one every day.  Likewise there have been few herons although I did catch a picture of one flying overhead.

Karen walked with Buddy for the first three miles.  This means they have both walked the entire length (22 miles) of the canal over the last few days.  Buddy was a bit naughty and chased a squirrel.  I know he often does that but this time he caught it and unfortunately it died of shock.

When we passed Shackerstone (many villages end in ‘stone’ round here) I got a picture of the motte.  I couldn’t do it on the way up as it was very windy and had to be careful to keep away from the moored boats.  By the way many boats are named after song titles.

As it was a cold day we put potatoes in the stove so they would be ready for lunch.  I have probably said this before but it’s lovely driving along with the smell of warming jacket potatoes wafting from the chimney.  Once again, when we stopped for lunch, the sun came out and the clouds cleared.

We moored for the night in Dadlington and went for a walk ending up at the Dog and Hedgehog.  Buddy was happy as he could sit in front of the stove.  He was also happy as the landlord kept giving him biscuits.

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