Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Afternoon shag

Tuesday morning was grey and windy so I did some maintenance chores and Karen made a delicious cherry and almond cake.  I have to admit to having some apple crumble and cream about 11 in the morning as a mid morning snack - I feel like I'm being fattened up.

Anyway, the wind died down and we moved about a mile to find somewhere quieter outside of Rugby.  The only item of interest we saw on our way through Rugby was this iron bridge marking the entrance to Rugby Wharf.  You can see it's windy as the water is rippling.

We moored at Newbold as it seemed quiet and there was no traffic or train noise.

We were right next to Newbold Quarry Park which is the site of an old limestone quarry and is open to the public for walking, birdwatching and general plant and wildlife spotting.  It seemed particularly popular with birders and we managed to get this picture of a cormorant with its wings opened to the afternoon sun.  I always get muddled up between cormorants and shags as they are from the same family but I believe this one was a cormorant.

After our walk the sun went in and it quickly felt colder so we stayed in for the rest of day.  It promises to be cold but sunny tomorrow so suspect we'll be cruising.

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