Saturday, 22 November 2014

Rest day

My son Steve came for a sleepover on Thursday afternoon.  He brought a brilliant birthday present for me – a brass tunnel light.  Rather opportune as I had broken the previous one a week ago doing one of my jobs that invariably end up with a disaster.  Between us we rigged up the new light and did a few other electrical jobs.  We went to the Old Swan in Wroughton on the Green before dinner and then stayed in for a cheeky bottle or two of pre weekend wine.

Steve went off to work on Friday morning and as it was really noisy where we were moored we had a short cruise to Little Woolstone where it is a lot quieter.  My coordination wasn’t 100% - something to do with Steve staying over and making me drink more wine than him as he was on a school night.
When we moored up I had one of those ‘it or me’ experiences.  I was on the front of the boat and slipped and the choice was either I fell in or knocked a plant in.  I was coordinated enough to stay dry but then had to rescue the plant (a rosemary bush).  Karen held onto me and I stretched into the cold water.  I managed to pull the rosemary out but it came out of its pot.  This meant I had to take my top off and stretch in even further.  The pot was retrieved but my arm was frozen.

We then went for a four mile walk (in the opposite direction to Milton Keynes centre) and managed to avoid the rain.  After lunch we got the bikes out and gave Buddy a really good run ending up in the pub as it was Friday, even though it was only four in the afternoon.  As much as we don’t really like being in towns, we have to admit  that Milton Keynes is really well planned as far as cyclists and walkers are concerned. 

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