Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The weekend starts here

Up at 5 this morning to take Karen to the station.  It’s her normal mid week visit to the North West to spend the day at Barclays’ technical development centre at Knutsford. I’ll be picking her up at 9 this evening from Hemel Hempstead as we’ll be on the boat until the end of the weekend.

Big step forwards on the job list yesterday - Monique found a home for our chickens so we’ll have a trip to Wiltshire in a few weeks so they can join the animals on Jo’s and Nick’s farm (friends of Monique).

We collected our new boy (his name is Buddy) from the RSPCA a few days ago and we have found that he is petrified of cars and it’s a nightmare getting the poor boy in ours so the trip from Kent to Hemel and then to the boat at Ware later will be interesting.


He’s perfect in every other way though and, like Diesel (who died a year ago), does not bark.  It did occur to us on the way to the station this morning that he may well be scared of the boat as well.

It also occurred to us that we will have an issue getting him on the boat this evening.  We left it in a relatively safe spot in Ware town centre.  As can be seen below we have to clamber over railings to get on board.  Looks like we’ll be lifting Buddy over - could be fun if it’s dark and he’s struggling.


Our plan of not drinking during the week get’s tested and is difficult to stick to when we are on the boat so tonight and tomorrow will be interesting.  Still, the long hot sunny evenings have gone so we won’t be encouraged to sit outside.

Weather looks like being kind for the next few days so I’ll get some painting and odd jobs done whilst Karen WFB on Thursday and Friday.  I need to fix up the new 4G antennae first though.  I have knocked up a temporary solution to hold it upright until we decide the best place on the roof to put it.  I usually rush straight into jobs and then a week later decide that I did the wrong thing.  I definitely don’t want to drill holes in the wrong place in the roof!


We fancy walking into Ware first thing on Saturday and then cruising into Hertford basin where we have to turn round (or wind [rhymes with binned] as the working boaters used to pronounce it) in a winding hole. We will then make our way back south down the River Lea for about six miles until we hit the junction with the River Stort.  The plan then is to go north up the River Stort to its navigable limit at Bishop’s Stortford.  Apparently the locks on the River Stort are just under ten feet wide, so wider then a narrow boat but not wide enough for two to lock together. 

The River Lea tends to be fairly wide whereas the Stort is narrower and has lots of tight bends so it will be a nice change of scenery and a challenge to navigate.


Getting Buddy to and onto the boat is going to be interesting this evening, so watch this space…

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